Aqua Safe Plus has quickly become the foremost renowned brand preference in water purification. We have learned to acquire the market demands to our advantage and build a domain for excellence. Based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, we have involved ourselves as the leading manufacturer, exporter, supplier and service provider for various forms of water purification equipment and accessories such as  Water Filter Housing, Water Treatment System, Water Treatment chemical, Pet Bottling Machine and many more. and many more. We provide filtration systems serviceagainst all types of contamination problems plaguing the modern civilization today. We were established in 2012.

Our range of offerings are the most valued decontamination systems available in the entire market today. They implement the use of advanced technology that are capable of detecting the slightest presence of micro-organisms or toxins that are prevalent in the natural water sources. They include devices that use state-of-the-art mechanisms (Uv, Reverse Osmosis, TBHQ) for assured processing of impure water into hygienic water for consumption and other uses. Removal of carbonates and other impurities that turn pure water into hard water can also be done with these systems. We provide multiple options against the many types of water pollution and promote healthy and safe living.

Out brand is managed under the sole proprietorship of Mr. Suresh Swaminadan, who, with his astute leadership and competent business practices, has helped the company earn loyalty of the vast clientele that we serve to. We earn Up to Rs. 50 Lakh annually


We rely on a facility that is sufficiently vast for the ongoing processes of testing and research, component formulation and assembly. The infrastructure is well equipped with modern and scientifically advanced production line equipment to ensure accurate build and perfect functioning of the products. We have up graded the facility to the best of our needs, which has enabled us to deliver the best and most preferred standards of output to our clients.


We employ a team of about 10 employees who have been chosen for the required tasks according to their work merit and efficiency. Each individual understands the company’s reputable status and tries to uplift it with each output delivery. They perform in collaboration to attain the set business objectives successfully. Training programs are arranged to upgrade their knowledge and work habits to bring even more efficiency into their work abilities.


We spend laborious efforts in testing and conceptualizing toxin, pollutant and microbe detection systems. Our entire assortment of products have received several accolades from our customer base for their perfect functionality and flawless service throughout the country. We try our level best to achieve the best desired results to enable the healthy and hygienic living of the society.
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